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Gutmonkey: that deep-seated desire/obsession/passion/addiction that, gut-level, inspires you to act.

From "gut" and "monkey on your back." Not a derogatory term, but rather one that invokes the passion of an addiction and the gut-level inspiration that moves people to action.

The word CafePress made up to describe the passion/obsession/desire that leads its users to create or buy specific merchandise that relates to their own gutmonkey.
Sam's more than just a foodie; trying new restaurants is a serious gutmonkey for her.
by buzzcowboy April 08, 2008
the monetization of web 2.0/user-generated content, whereby online users contribute their content to the internet as a form of personal ecommerce. first invented by cafepress in 1999.

synonym: cafepress - as a verb.
Jan's "Forget about Jesus - What would *I do?" just made her enough money for a house payment, thus proving that user-generated commerce is a good way to make ends meet.
by buzzcowboy June 09, 2008
A conversation that happens with thong underwear as your communication vehicle.
Tamara was trying in vain to get a drink, so she started a thongversation with her "100% Kosher Meat" thong and had guys buying her drinks all night!
by buzzcowboy August 13, 2008
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