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The fluid that is contained inside of a Gusher.
We he bit into the Gusher, gush came gushing out.
by gushygusher April 26, 2011
gucci mane's way to say cush i smoke gush (weed)
i smoke gush
by iloveemogirls September 11, 2009
a girl with a crush on another girl
Man, Caroline follows Liz around all the time, its like she has a gush on Liz.
by Chttrbox321 February 07, 2009
Good + Shit=Gush. Sometimes spelled Goosh or Gooshy
DAMN that was some GUSH!
by JHorn May 30, 2006
The good Cali chronic.
The gush is from California.
by Todd1 November 08, 2007
1. To open and remove change from a
city parking meter
2. the spurting of coins from a parking meter
1. We gushed the waterfront friday night
2. The waterfront was gushin' friday
by seth November 17, 2003
great weed, killa, dro, blueberry yum-yum
"What we smoke? That GUSH! Presidential shit, George Bush!!!"
by Young Tink October 13, 2005