For men it's blowing their wad, usually multiple times in a short amount of time.

Fow women it's getting dripping wet or, in the very rare circumstances, when a woman has a spirting orgasm.
I gushed all over her face and tits.

He got me so hot I gushed all over myself.
by KhakiMan August 06, 2007
A half-evolved human that looks like a monkey. He likes to eat chutney and fancies Machool. (A C4 bomb)
Look, it's Gush! Someone take him back to the zoo!
by Law. March 16, 2005
1. The name fans have given to popular soap opera couple Gus & Harley from Guiding Light.
2. A fun combination of the names Gus and Harley.
Did you see GusH making out today?
GusH was so cute today!
by harleygirl23 July 29, 2005
Something pretty damned good... Better than cum and not as good as a bleeder
Dum Dums - they are so gush.
A type of marijuana, referenced by the Youngbloodz in their song "Presidential." Possibly derives from a portmanteau of the words "good" and shit."
What we smoke? That gush! Presidential shit, George Bush!
by adzling7 February 27, 2006

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