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stealing; or in a case of a burn or good comeback.
Perons 1-thats what your mom said last night!
Person 2-Oh GURBB !

Damn, he just gurbed your sandwich.
by kayleeeeeee April 12, 2008
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The ghetto suburbs; on the fringes of the ghetto, but more in the nicer part of town just outside it.
Samantha: We moved out of the ghetto! We're three blocks north, in the 'gurbs!
Adam: Yeah! Movin' on up!
by Iron Dan November 18, 2014
Shortened term for garbage
Man #1: "That guy just stole my spot."

Man #2: "That's GURB!"
by PHLLIP November 19, 2010
A Gram of marijuana.
Let's go pick up a gurb of that killa buds!
by COQ December 08, 2007
Nearly retarded, special ed, slow,
That moron just hit my car, what a gurb
by G-unit March 29, 2005
A gravity bong or a hit from a gravity bong also known as a gb, grav, etc.
Person 1: I just took a gurb of some dank ass headies

Person 2: Hell yea I bet that was some crucial shit.

Ex. 2

Person 1: I prefer joints instead of gbs.

Person 2: Can you not handle the power of the gurb?
by The 42nd Eg0 June 04, 2010
to gurb someone:
whilst getting off, (snogging) or even eating out, you grog in their mouth/hole.
basically, spit snot onto their tonsils.

1: 'dude i gurbed right in her mouth"
2: 'aaaaaa, high five man!'
by titsy March 24, 2009

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