a slackin ass hater who cant compete
Yall cant swim with da big fish, ya fuccin guppies!
by nightmare_on_yo_street October 19, 2003
The thumb folding into the palm where as the pointer through ring ringer are insterted vaginally whilst the pinky is used to stilmulate the anus.
I gave a girl the guppy and she turned into a superfreak.
by Iz-B September 16, 2006
A ballin ass playa who fucks hella bitches and get drunk as hell. He has a huge cock and is the biggest pimp. many of you might know him as GU Double P as well. He goes to miramonte high school and shits on haters.
Person 1: Damn, is that Guppy hitin the switches on them bitches again?
Person 2: Ya, hes gonna hit that chick from the back after the game on friday night and then do that other girl in the mouth on saturday and that other missionary style on sunday night. he likes missionary on sundays because he is religious.
by Guppy G February 10, 2005

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