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The act of slapping someone under the chin, usually closer to their neck.
When I entered class I saw my friend Harold. I then walked up to him and gave him the "Guppy."
by VinnyVeech33 November 14, 2010
5 7
Around the early 19th century, if people who had an injury to the lower part of their face went to hospital and could not get their face fixed, the surgeons amputated that part of their face. People would call a person with a missing jaw a 'Guppy' due to a resemblance to a cartoon character with the same name.
John fell down the stairs and broke his jaw badly and now he's got a Guppy from the doctors down at the General.
by CoffEyed August 22, 2012
6 11
A guppy is a small, boney fish that is normally nothing more than food for larger fish, therefore they find the biggest school of fish they can see and plant themselves right in the middle. A guppy is a person who strives for the status quo and defends any position the majority tells him to.
All the minimum wage guppies rejoiced when the government gave General Motors 50 billion dollars in bailout money.

The guppy rests easy knowing that the pension plans for GM's highest paid executives are intact and gaining interest.
by TheeGr8one April 06, 2010
3 8
To hurry, be quick about
"Hey man, my guy is leaving at 3 so we gotta guppy"
"For sure dude"
"What? My T9 sucks, I meant hurry"
"Nah dude, you meant guppy"

"Get me a soda, on the guppy!"
by guppyyuppy November 08, 2009
10 16
A girl who tries to get with and flaunts herself on a married man/ boy.
this guppy just posted on his facebook wall with a 'heart'
by lalalulu27 June 26, 2011
1 8
Noun: A fatty nucleus deposit that forms under the chin and/or neck region of a female. Subtle at times but remains easily noticeable by an audience of her peers.
She's got a guppy the size of tomato.
by Smegalmitten May 04, 2011
5 12
A girl who dates only drug dealers.
Only guppies date drug dealers
Your a guppy
by realname888 January 01, 2011
18 25