Basically anything BUT a crotch..

now the original quaches were established at Penn State University, using the word quach in every way possible. now the word mostly refers to a "bitch", a "slut', or even the opposite, just an amazing person or a funny person. confusing, but a legit word non-the-less.
Jack you quach, dave emily and mike want to get quached tonight even if that quach is being a lunch box..
by Quach Dave Janet December 24, 2006
When a woman has a F.U.P.A. (Fat Upper Pussy Area) that extends to her love handles and continues to her ass to to create a midsection thats shaped like an innertube.
Ruth Ungar has a huge quach
by Swat Swatkins November 12, 2004
word for the female vulva and/or vagina.
invented at Loyola University Chicago (the LUC) when panooch, pussy, taco, and cooch just would no longer cut it.
So did you get it in last night?

Hellz yea! I was all up in that quach!
by mrmiguel September 30, 2009
-F.U.P.A That extends around the circumferance of the body. Found on women only.
-Uconn EE teacher.
-She walks into the room gracefully with her bulbous quach.
-Be careful when she turns around! She might hit you with her quach.
She has a quach!
-Look out she might hit you with her quach!
-Dam thats a big quach!
by UCONN EE November 26, 2007
Anything that you want it to be. A substitution for any other word in the human language. Often used as a noun.
Let me borrow that Quach

Go tell that Quach to calm down, he is out of control.
by Quach-Ball December 23, 2006
To fondle a guys junk in a completely homosexual manner.
Oscar pulled a quach on Adam after they both got drunk last night and woke up next to each other.
by LT Falcon October 27, 2006
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