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The sound mad by a female upon insertion of a penis into her rectum.
Giver : "Here comes, hold your breath!"
Receiver : "Okay... GUMPH!"
by Darth Clitstimulus April 02, 2003
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Pronounced: gumpf

It is someone whos smile goes above their eyes/nose so they look extremly happy but they are clearly faking their smile. Also when you say the word "gumph" it automaticly makes you put your bottom lip over your top lip and then when you smile you look like a gumph!
Person 1: That kid over there looks like a proper gumph!
Person 2: Yeh! His smile is soooo gumph
by RRazz May 25, 2009
An alcoholic beverage also known as Cherry Lambrini.

Best accompanied by some ice, a glace cherry and served in the Holy Grail Of Gumph (located in Scotland.)
"Right, lets get wired in about The Gumph now"
by KevTheBaptist September 14, 2006
Used to describe the ability to easily deflect an assault(physically or verbal) and make a counter.
iOuch, that must've hurt... No, wait! Without even breaking a sweat, he dodged the punch and got a wrist-lock on his opponent. That boy sure got gumph!/i
by Nocturne July 28, 2003

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