dirty dishevelled alchoholic addicted to porn with a twisted hate for women.

gulliver = naive hobo.

prone to morbid delusions concerning self

suffers from an overstated self importance,while others look on helplessy..
gulliver:i think i am stanley kubrick on a mission.

rickey:ur a fucking dishevelled hobo who hears the voice of stanley kubrick,and guess what dickhead?!HES NOT EVEN THERE!!

gulliver: pulls out stanley knife(goes into narcisstic rage!) I AM STANLEY KUBRICK!!
by mickeymick August 02, 2008
one who uses Urban Dictionary to prove his or her point, usually by emailing out links to the site.
She didn't know what jody meant, so he gullivered her.
by Agogo825 June 11, 2009
N. The loose portion of skin which hangs from the between the base of the chin and the top of the neck. A gulliver usually occurs in elderly people, or fatties.
Take your medicine, Grandpa, or I will wack you in your gulliver...twice.
by Raechel and Matt February 08, 2006
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