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1 definition by Lemuel55

The word "Gulliver", is based on an animalistic demonic plastic burger king toy head. This toy is the vessel for an Ex-carnie, Killer who lived in the 1700's and comitted genocide multiple times. He is known for killing everyone at his circus during his performance. Gulliver's Circus title was: "THE SMALLIST ESCAPE ARTIST OF ALL TIME". For he was only 3-4 inches tall due to an experiment done by another man at the circus. Gulliver is known for his disembowelment and dismemberment. Gulliver was never taught to speak, so the only thing he was/is able to say is: "I'M GULLIVER!" in a deep craked voice.

The word itself is now used to describe a person who is extremly rough with other living things, and will probably end up being (or already is) a Mass murderer.
"Oh, Billy, You'r such a Gulliver!"
by Lemuel55 July 27, 2012