See easily tricked
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
Anyone that Believes almost Anything You Say.
Guy 1:"Last night i slept with that hot chick over there"
Guy 2:"Cool"
Guy 1: *thinks in head * "Gullible Bastard.."
by EnterNameHereNizzle May 13, 2005
To be swallowable, based on naivety, or stupidity, directly into the gullet of the common seagull, then farther on down digested, and finally, fatally defecated.
Hey Bill, looks like ol Woody got pooped out onto that pier. I always said dat dang fool was gullible.
by f*ckoffseegulls November 12, 2004
1: Did you know that "gullible" is written on the ceiling?

2: Did you know "gullible" isnt in the dictionary?
Its self explanitory...duh!
by scooley01 October 21, 2003
1. The only word in the human language that is not in the dictionary. Go ahead, look it up.
"Hey, wait a sec... It's right here!"
by Orion.89 May 04, 2005
1. Slyder
2. A Person from Kentucky
3. One that hasn't got a clue
Todd is extermly gullible
by James Cluck November 05, 2006
Jay 'ultima' Barret
We convinced billy that condoms usually contained sand in the lubricant, he was as bad as ultima, rooflz.
by rooflz April 09, 2003
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