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1. The only word in the human language that is not in the dictionary. Go ahead, look it up.
"Hey, wait a sec... It's right here!"
by Orion.89 May 04, 2005
1. Slyder
2. A Person from Kentucky
3. One that hasn't got a clue
Todd is extermly gullible
by James Cluck November 05, 2006
Jay 'ultima' Barret
We convinced billy that condoms usually contained sand in the lubricant, he was as bad as ultima, rooflz.
by rooflz April 09, 2003
1)Easilly deceived.

2)If you're looking this up, you are definately gullible.
It's not in the dictionary.
by MagicDude666 August 03, 2005
Look at this
Gee, you sure are gullible.
by Tha Pyngwyn September 28, 2003
a child who's not very intelligent
child: dear santa i been good all year, give me lots of toys and shit
santa: ho ho ho! i thing you under estimate my gullibility!
by lil casper June 28, 2005
Read this and you will be enlightened.

This word does not really have a "g," "u," "l," "i," "b," "l," or "e."
It does not truely exist. Therefore, it is not in the dictionary.

Feel enlightened? No?
That's because you are gullible.
by I do not have a name. November 02, 2003