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Gullible: Anyone who reads articles online and believes them to be biblical... regardless of how ridiculous.
Gullible: Believing that a chicken lived for 18 months with half-a-head... oh... or the man-faced sheep that was killed and burned by local villagers before any possible examination...
by TooProud January 28, 2010
4 6
Someone who is easily tricked

ex: Olivia

Kevin - "OMG! did you kno that if you say banana really slowww it sounds like gullible?"

Olivia - "REALLY?! baaaaaa....naaaaaa....naaa?"
by KHua October 13, 2008
5 8
easily fooled, will believe what any shyster tells them or will follow any pied piper who arrives with a promise of something good.
1. ... Billy's joined the National Front
He always was a little runt
He's got his hands in the air with all the other
You've got to humanize yourself...

2. Joseph joined a fundie religious cult. He now gives them 10% of his money, spouts off about bombing abortion clinics and killing their employees, imposing their version of God on everyone else, supporting certain politicians who talk of "family values", how he thinks that a war is a "crusade", how everything has a "liberal bias", and how "satanic" everything is. He will never win at anything with this. He is a droid, a stooge, he is totally brainwashed and programmed.

Billy and Joseph are both gullible. They don't think for themselves, they don't go out and observe and explore for themselves in order to form their own opinions, they believe everything they're told.
by Starpunk April 10, 2008
24 27
a well tanned lady, 5”7, Wannabe New Zealander, lizard skin referred to as Snakey
She's so gullible she's looking this up in the dictionary right now!
by kriddle_2 January 16, 2011
2 6
common description for people who look up their names on urbandictionary and post them to their facebook profiles not realizing they could enter anything they please for any word they like. see also, buyabridge
There are many GULLIBLE people on facebook who think their monikers are actually in the dictionary with a definition of them personally
by Emily-look it up! February 03, 2010
4 8
Word used to describe one who will fall for anything.
"Man, Zac is totally buying the story how I'm pregnant and having wild sex with everyone! He is SO gullible!"
by Zac's best friend July 13, 2009
1 7
The original Rick Roll.
"Havest thou heard, James?"
"Webster has foolishly left out the word gullible in the collection of words he has collated!"
"You jest!"
by Felon1ous April 01, 2008
16 22