common description for people who look up their names on urbandictionary and post them to their facebook profiles not realizing they could enter anything they please for any word they like. see also, buyabridge
There are many GULLIBLE people on facebook who think their monikers are actually in the dictionary with a definition of them personally
by Emily-look it up! February 03, 2010
A description for someone who is easily convinced or deceived.
Emily: Omg, I just told her that Kevin ditched me and she believed it!

Catherine: Wow, she is soooooo gullible.
by Isabelle Collins May 13, 2008
a description of Nate Dogg when he is being god-like and awesome
Person 1: Yo Nate Dogg was pretty gullible.
Person 2: Yeah, like he's a god
by gradngranster January 11, 2014
Person who believes anything;
Brittany Jones, Laquiesha Jackson, any blonde. gullible
by SirArthur May 15, 2011
Gullible: Anyone who reads articles online and believes them to be biblical... regardless of how ridiculous.
Gullible: Believing that a chicken lived for 18 months with half-a-head... oh... or the man-faced sheep that was killed and burned by local villagers before any possible examination...
by TooProud January 28, 2010
Someone who is easily tricked

ex: Olivia

Kevin - "OMG! did you kno that if you say banana really slowww it sounds like gullible?"

Olivia - "REALLY?! baaaaaa....naaaaaa....naaa?"
by KHua October 13, 2008
a well tanned lady, 5”7, Wannabe New Zealander, lizard skin referred to as Snakey
She's so gullible she's looking this up in the dictionary right now!
by kriddle_2 January 16, 2011

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