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to believe everything your former colleagues say about your former client
Meyer is very gullible. Can you actually believe he thought he was being deported?
by The Dawwwg June 09, 2011
People named Orpah or the nickname odie.
I am playing hocky and she asks,"what are you doing?" "Playing European Basketball", I say. "Oh, ok....waittttt..." "Man you are so gullible."
by John MacDonald January 08, 2006
a description of Nate Dogg when he is being god-like and awesome
Person 1: Yo Nate Dogg was pretty gullible.
Person 2: Yeah, like he's a god
by gradngranster January 11, 2014

2.a word that's not in the English dictionary
"grandpa, is gullible really in the dictionary?"
by hammers March 15, 2013
Person who believes anything;
Brittany Jones, Laquiesha Jackson, any blonde. gullible
by SirArthur May 15, 2011
the word that IS in my dictionary
Unlike SOME persons, gullible IS in my dictionary
by mhtfxswertgfdmdhrhiholhud May 18, 2011
Gullible: Anyone who reads articles online and believes them to be biblical... regardless of how ridiculous.
Gullible: Believing that a chicken lived for 18 months with half-a-head... oh... or the man-faced sheep that was killed and burned by local villagers before any possible examination...
by TooProud January 28, 2010