A description for someone who is easily convinced or deceived.
Emily: Omg, I just told her that Kevin ditched me and she believed it!

Catherine: Wow, she is soooooo gullible.
by Isabelle Collins May 13, 2008
Someone who believes everything that they are told.
Guy#1:Gullible isn't in dictionary!Go look!
Guy#2:Okay...*looks in the dictionary*You're wrong,it is here.
Guy#1:Tricked you!XD
by Bloopberry April 15, 2014

2.a word that's not in the English dictionary
"grandpa, is gullible really in the dictionary?"
by hammers March 15, 2013
a description of Nate Dogg when he is being god-like and awesome
Person 1: Yo Nate Dogg was pretty gullible.
Person 2: Yeah, like he's a god
by gradngranster January 11, 2014
the word that IS in my dictionary
Unlike SOME persons, gullible IS in my dictionary
by mhtfxswertgfdmdhrhiholhud May 18, 2011
Person who believes anything;
Brittany Jones, Laquiesha Jackson, any blonde. gullible
by SirArthur May 15, 2011
Gullible: Anyone who reads articles online and believes them to be biblical... regardless of how ridiculous.
Gullible: Believing that a chicken lived for 18 months with half-a-head... oh... or the man-faced sheep that was killed and burned by local villagers before any possible examination...
by TooProud January 28, 2010

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