the word that IS in my dictionary
Unlike SOME persons, gullible IS in my dictionary
by mhtfxswertgfdmdhrhiholhud May 18, 2011
A description for someone who is easily convinced or deceived.
Emily: Omg, I just told her that Kevin ditched me and she believed it!

Catherine: Wow, she is soooooo gullible.
by Isabelle Collins May 13, 2008
Next time I will never be this gullible credulous, easily persuaded, believer, fool, silly ever again no, and I'll know when someone's copying off me. / A person having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.
by JaiMunozNi May 01, 2015
A Clarisse.

Someone who possesses the brain of a 12 year old girl, who has not gone through puberty or lack thereof any life skills for her to be equipped with the basic knowledge of life.
Boy: Clarisse I want to lick your butt and drink your armpit sweat

Gullible Clarisse: Ok

Gullible Clarisse: But I'm not a one night stand
by Gullible March 31, 2015
Easily deceived or cheated.
Meredeth is very gullible about getting a divorce
Bob was gullible about Meredeth.
by kboo27 January 22, 2015
Someone who believes everything that they are told.
Guy#1:Gullible isn't in dictionary!Go look!
Guy#2:Okay...*looks in the dictionary*You're wrong,it is here.
Guy#1:Tricked you!XD
by Bloopberry April 15, 2014

2.a word that's not in the English dictionary
"grandpa, is gullible really in the dictionary?"
by hammers March 15, 2013

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