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a word in the dictionary under G meaning " easily fooled"
person 1: I finally found gullible in the dictionary !
person 2: thank goodness, I'd heard it wasn't in there.
by boutwillis April 02, 2008
Being gullible is nothing more than trusting someone who should not be trusted.
Person 1: Ha! You're so gullible!

Person 2: So basically, you're laughing at me for having trusted you!
by Red Pill December 31, 2011
I'm sorry, did you actually look this up to see if it was here?
You're pretty gullible for looking this up
by Jimichanga May 12, 2011
The Scientologist was gullible.
by Asset bunion September 26, 2013
To be easily fooled.
Tom: The ny islanders are the second best team in the nhl

James: I know

Tom: you're so gullible.
by lakers4life89 December 11, 2010
A description for someone who is easily convinced or deceived.
Emily: Omg, I just told her that Kevin ditched me and she believed it!

Catherine: Wow, she is soooooo gullible.
by Isabelle Collins May 13, 2008
Someone who believes everything that they are told.
Guy#1:Gullible isn't in dictionary!Go look!
Guy#2:Okay...*looks in the dictionary*You're wrong,it is here.
Guy#1:Tricked you!XD
by Bloopberry April 15, 2014