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the shit; amazing; really good
your site is so gulley
by Tdotz gulliest March 10, 2005
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A person that can consume an excessive amount of food ; a large stomach portion. Can be used as noun, adjective, or pronoun. Synonyms: gullet, gullettron, gullet hole.

Criteria: must be able to eat double your weight in gullet food, lay in a dark hole while continuously serving your gulley with delicious foods, feed your gulley to the max before feeding other gulleys, take food breaks every half hour, and put food before your own child's life.
My gulley just got so full after I ate all those twinkies.

That gulley over there spent all day filling his gullet.

The gulley food was off the chain.
by Gulletman May 04, 2015
A play on the regular definition of gulley, which is a deep canal. Usually used when speaking of something that another who would seem "too good" wouldn't normally do.
"You want me to clean the backseat?"
"What is that too gulley for you? Nevermind man, I wouldn't want you to get your nails dirty."
by MissMissakaJ December 19, 2009
Something that receives no competition or has an equality to other gulleyness

Dude did you just see that gash?

YESS! She is Gulley aswell!
by Gulleykid August 29, 2008

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