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Eyes that are small, red, moist and beady, usually from exhaustion, allergies, hangover, crying, pot-smoking, illness or just having unfortunate genetics. The effect is generally unpleasant, undesirable and even creepy.

The word also functions as a metaphor for misery, exhaustion, malaise and any of the various conditions that would make one gull-eyed.
"Gerry said he didn't drink much last night, but he was looking pretty gull-eyed this morning."

"I told her the baby was cute, but it was actually gull-eyed and ugly."

"I was feeling pretty gull-eyed all week. I still can't believe my dad is dead."

"You're out of weed, are you? I don't know - you're looking pretty gull-eyed to me!"
by frickinmuck March 02, 2010
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