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diarrhea, loose stool
I ate chili hotdogs, and later found guish in my pants.
by Otis Nixon December 26, 2003
To disintegrate or rot showily either emotionally or mentally as the result of an extreme negative perpetuator, such as "ang" or "lang" or "exting".
She is guishing. She languished in her anguish until her anguish was extinguished.
by The Nocturne March 11, 2009
Deep melancholy or sadness. Also, angst or drama, as in a book, movie, or play. Abbreviation of anguish.
For most of our class, the book was too guishy, but I happened to like the guish in the ending; the guishiness made me cry!
by R. Badger November 07, 2005

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