A three-course meal in a glass.
I missed breakfast today so I had a pint of Guinness, which contains all four food groups.
by zabazuve-ha November 11, 2007
The drink that inspired the Irish rebellion of 1916. Although that got rid of the English, they've been since coming back to drink it. Turns your shit black! Can also rip the hole of ya on the way out, and may dissolve your bowels! But it's worth it....honest!
Jaysus! I've just shit a black baby elephant after that Guinness last night.
by John David Dickenson January 13, 2004
(1725 -1803) Irish brewer. In the late 1700s he developed a dark version of porter that still bears his name.
you stupid twat, drink some guinness during the football or stfu you mad cunt
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
With a Capital 'G'. So good that it surpasses the qualification of 'beer'.

Guinness is a type of (some say the textbook definition of) stout. Like a typical stout, it is dark in colour, almost black and has a mildly bitter mellow taste. The creamy head that is commonly associated with a pull off the tap can be approximated using patented "widget" technology in cans. When pulling a pint off of a tap, it is customary to fill the glass roughly 2/3 to 3/4 full and let it sit before pulling the head.

Contrary to popular belief, Guinness may taste heavy, but actually is very low in alcohol and has less calories per serving than Coors Light making it a perfect anytime drink. Another bit of trivia- It is law in Ireland that if a barkeep tips or spills the head of your Guinness, you are entitled to a fresh one.
"Guinness is a wonderful stout."

"Two pints of Guinness, please"

"No, I will not trade you a Guinness for one of your Heinekens"

by Phalaeo August 24, 2007
A very heavy beer with a distintive black colouring and white head -often decorated with a shamrock (or love heart if the bar person wants to jump your bones). An aquired taste that reqires a little getting used to but once hooked is immensley pleasurable.

"You where wonderful last night but you stink of guinness"

"You where wonderfull aswell, wheres your toilet i need a massive black shit"
by glackin October 21, 2007
A amazing beer without all the bullshit,only men of high quality and class drink this beer.not even the most interesting man in the world can drink a beer of this magnitude.
wtf do you want me to hold your purse we're getting guinness
by Mr_Top_Hat June 20, 2010
The only beer I like.
Guinness is so great, even though I am a wine and liquor guy, I will drink this stuff!
by Booze hound September 28, 2008
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