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v. A term used to describe the act of testing something, generally software related.
Guy #1: Hey, I just finished testing that change you made to the software. It works great.
Guy #2: Sweet! Thanks for guinea pigging, man!
by thecooley September 10, 2007
A sexual act where you insert your whole arm up the anus of a man/women. Blood is the only lubricant involved. This act usually involves rolling up the sleeves of your shirt. It is also known by a certain cloud of gathers as a NB.
Friend 1 : Yeah, I was Guinea Pigging my wife last night.

Friend 2 : Oh yeah your wife is loose!
by Bruntwins June 20, 2011
the act of inserting a guinea pig or other animal (generally in the rodent family) into one's orifice
Man 1: Let's go guinea pigging tonight, man!

Man 2: I'm down. Let's head to the pet store.
by JonBonJovi72 September 26, 2011

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