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GUH (n.)

meaning: the automatic verbal response of a fangirl when she sees something very hot, attractive, or breath taking.
"When I saw a picture of Zachary Quinto without his shirt, dripping sweat down his sexy chest, I let out a GUH! and fell over."
by Snupperuska March 04, 2010
66 52
reffering to as a beautiful girl
That guh over there is fly as hell
That guh over there has a bangin body
by Erica Elston March 22, 2007
9 31
vietnamese way of saying "girl" when they're trying to holla.
hey guh... tryn ta uh see wha up...
by mizzie scandalz May 03, 2005
16 38
Can be used as a verb, noun and adjective to mean a "hot" chick...
ie: That chick is a real 'guh' (noun)
ie: Did ya see her? she's sooooo 'guh' (adjective)
ie: Emily is totally 'guhing' up the club tonight (verb)
by bottlenose August 28, 2006
30 59