A man from Dingwall or surrounding areas. Often used in conjunction with other words such as walkeeeen and talkeeeen.
Hey you see that gudgie over there?!
by Gordys January 12, 2008
Top Definition
(Highland Slang) Person hailing from Dingwall or immediate area.
I'm off for a pint with some gudgies I know.
by chird September 10, 2003
"gudgie" in old Scots meant a short stout fellow (Ref. Scottish Dictionary by John Jamieson 1840).
The word still remains in use in the North East of Scotland, most predominantly in Dingwall to refer to any type of fellow.
Other words derived from gudgie include: gudge, gudgie-coff, coff
"Who's that gudgie over there like?"
"Dunno mun, never seen um afore like"
by muirman February 20, 2014
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