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gudgie coff or gadgie coff is a highland term for a person believe it or not, commonly heard in dingwall. The dingwall peoples aren't that bright, mostly inbred as well so have made up their own launaguage. To speak it right - hold your nose, fill your mouth full of marbles and speak from the back of your throat.
john: what like mun, whats the crack the day, going on the shot the night coff, here coff, who's that gadgie coff over there mun , never seen him before like ?

peter: auch no bad mun like, aye thats eh, eh, thats that gudgie coff, whats him name again like, eh, eh, aye thats gugdie from alness like mun. better be off now mun see-ya later like mun.
by jonathan maclennan June 03, 2006
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(Highland Slang) Person hailing from Dingwall or immediate area. Longer version of gudgie.
Alright gudgie-coff, howsit going?
by chird September 10, 2003
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