an alternative spelling of gutties
Ma, where are my guddies?
by lap dog shuffle May 24, 2004
Top Definition
Two friends, both with guts. Derived from "gut buddy".
Just polished off some nachos and beer with my guddy.
by bergobear November 30, 2009
Shit leather shoes, usually in the loafer style. Often referred to as "Leather Guddies"
Look at that shitty shoe bastard in his shit Leather Guddies. You cant move for Guddy in Shoreditch, you know the shit shoes I mean.
by Guddy Guddy Two Shoes March 02, 2011
A retarted nemotoad that has wondered the wrong way upstream. They ususally can be found in mexican water or your diarreah after consuming mexcian water.

Therefore.. Dirt poor mexicans are commonly called "Guddy's"

Used to make a spanish man cry
"HEY JUAN!!! YOUR A GUDDY... So is Pedro and your madre!"
.... then the mexican crys.. or.... beats you up.. depends where you live and how fast you are.

I would reccomend only calling the fat dirt poor mexicans Guddys
by Joe Curray September 21, 2010
The act of getting vaginal sex from a female vagina
Mand dawg i just got some "guddy"
by Neil B. June 19, 2008
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