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The Tissue that aids in the dropping of the testicles -- a very good word to use in hang man
When Gill became a man (age 17), the gubernaculum aided in the descending of the testes
by wordoftheday December 18, 2007
Oversimplifying anatomy: Gubernaculum is the name of a ligament that balls are hanged on. The word is used to sarcastically describe a wired thing or as a nickname of a wired person.
Look at this gubernaculum!
by Gubernaculum March 20, 2004
A really gross, slimy guy, who hawks up a hairball while along you stand there checking to make you have nothing on you......
While at Mediplay, I heard a gubernaculum standing next to me and had to run away quickly because I was dying of laughter and I nearly knocked over my friend, who also was laughing hysterically.
by Holly December 30, 2003
someone who swerves recklessly off of a dirt road into a stranger's yard and runs over 2 porcelain chickens then stomps gas and gets the hell out of there. Don't ask. It actually happened.
yer mom
by Identity Crisis May 07, 2003