this a very funny acronym meaning

Gay Unprotected Butt Sex
Sam: Hey Tyler!
Tyler: sup?
Sam: I heard Hans has GUBS with his uncle
#gay #roflcopter #sup #butt #sex
by Slovon Miknob February 12, 2008
verb- to jab someone in the butthole region while they aren't looking, often with the aim of causing them to make a mistake. Though generally performed with the thumb, gubbing can also be accomplished with a similarly blunt object, such as a summer sausage. Named for an elderly bowling alley pro-shop employee who invented the maneuver.
Gub just gubbed Josh and he missed the shot on the 8-ball!
#butt #psyche-out #goose #butthole #ass #gub #thumb #maneuver
by jinborov karnovski January 29, 2009
Semen. Usally shot any place except inside the vagina.
He actully put gub in my mouth!
by Adam Harigast February 01, 2005
Idiotic, stupid...developed in Bradford on Avon, can be lengthened to include phrases such as gubby and gubby mcgubinson
Dont be such a gub! OR Youre such a gubby mcgubinson
by Great Uncle Bob April 15, 2005
Large smelly hole
as in dont fall into the gub.
by Mark October 09, 2003
abbrev. from the greek. Sewer
thats not just a smelly hole its a gub
by mark October 12, 2003
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