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a mexican. the male of the species, usually filthy and less than five feet 5 inches tall at adulthood, works hard and usually wants nothing more than a slice of the american pie. the women, usually the more dominant of the species, are also filthy and unusually short, but are usually harier and weigh twice as more than their male counterparts. they can be observed popping out a rediculous amount of guatamalets, do not work for a living, watch soap operas because they hope to one day be as good-looking and successful as the women on the spanish channels, who are almost always superfine. they are not at all productive or even mildly attractive, yet somehow have not yet been eliminated from the gene pool. they are also extremely bitchy and tend not to respect their husbands, or more likely babby daddies, even if their man works hard for them and pays for them to get their hair and nails done.
the guatamalan male is the dude that probably mows your lawn for a less than worthy paycheck, usually without complaints or second thoughts. the female is that woman who yells at her children at mcdonalds because, like all children, they want a happy meal but she doesnt have enough money because she spent it all talking on the phone in spanish and at the nail/hair salon (which does not improve their attractiveness anyway)
by fucking aristotle, bitch December 03, 2008
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