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A group of hustlers makin big billz from salt lake g's up.
guasa gang big time hustlers.
by Guasa boy August 11, 2010
In Puerto Rican slang, variously a stupid or moronic person, a pretender ("poser"), or a person the majority defines as "uncool."
Ese tipo es un guasa./That dude's a guasa.
by The Red-Hatted Plumber October 26, 2005
Crazy gang from the lake, mac on hoes all day everyday.
See that "guasa" right there hes down!
by lake town April 29, 2010
Also a lie, or someone that talks lies and too much
That girl is a Guasa
by brie June 09, 2005
A Latino / Mexican gang for gays
See that pride sign on that el camino? that vato is in the Guasa
by dablackmaster November 03, 2008