some1 who is from da ES YAH ..YA KNOW!!
(el salvador for da retards who dnt know wut es mean)
"Damn look at that fine ass Guanaca girl"
by luis March 21, 2005
Top Definition
A nickname for someone from El Salvador aka the hottest people on the face of Earth. And im not just saying that cause im Salvadorian. It has been confirmed
Guanaco love is the best
by Guanaca girl May 29, 2005
Spanish slang for a person from El Salvador.
Sos Mexicano?
No ese, soy Guanaco!!!!!!!!
by Josueezi September 16, 2003
A pErSoN FrOm El SaLvAdOr!!!
(Da BeSt CoUnTrY!)
Damnn is dat guy a guanaco/a??
cuz he'z hella fine!!!
by guanakita247 June 21, 2009
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