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A person born in Mexico
AFK: A bad azz person.
El Mexicano is wooping that gringo.
by Latin_Heart August 04, 2003
A person from Mexico that runs the border, swims, or high jumps it, then takes jobs from citizens from the country they took illegally.
What a Mexicano.
by A man that has alot frineds April 09, 2011
The worst people to infest the united states in all of its history. They cannot speak their OWN language, nor ours. Therefore, they are very confused people. They come over here, yet act like they want to be over there. They act like Mexico is the best place to be!!
Those damn Mexicanos stole my trailer!
by kaitlynnnnnnnnnnn May 18, 2009
A cup of hot water..
At Starbucks if you order an Americano, you get shots of espresso mixed with hot water. If you tell them you want a Mexicano, you just get water.
by austin 47 May 25, 2006
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