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A name used to replace the oh-so-overused term "gurl" or "girl". A term of endearment.

Pronounced gwa like in "gua-camole"
"Hey gua, how you doin' gua?" or "How it be gua?" or Whatchu doin' gua?"
by Kitty KatKat December 14, 2011
And abbreviation for water
Dude I'm so thirsty, I need a glass of gua.
by Crazy_Rower123 April 30, 2012
money, doe, mula, cash to have money
I am going shopping tomorrow because i got that
by chyna1 December 23, 2005
Typical gamer, addicted to every form of gamening. Cant handle a loss. Usually plays games on the Playstation 2 online with other gua's
That guy is a total gua..
by He Who Knows July 24, 2005

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