get it right, G-Town is for them boys and girls from Galveston, Texas, and wtf is Ganada?!?
By the way, if you heard people say H-Town for Houston, then you did not make up no d--n G-Town.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* August 17, 2003
georgetown university
pitt made a great comeback to beat g-town at DC
by ItsAllBeenDone April 13, 2004
It represents any town(city) startin wif G
like me i represent G-town to da fullest whic is my home town greensboro
by tashia June 17, 2004
a word describing garland, texas . . . for all you posers out there wtf is ganada , psh and glaveston aint good enough for that title G-TOWN REPRESENT
" G-town Represent , 05' Get it KrUnK "
by G-Town P.I.M.P September 29, 2003
Term commonly used to refer to a small town known as Gaylord, MI.
I'm a lifelong resident of G-town.
by lazychairs January 24, 2007
Galveston home of Kappa tyme.i mean foreal garland awwryte but errbody i know call it G city.
Say mayne it's Kappa Tyme,let's hit up the seawall in that G-Town babuh.
by NKDUB June 09, 2006
G-Town is the slang word represent'n for all them peeps up in Germantown, MD where we do it big n roll high. Home of the Seneca Valley Screaming Eagles n them sorry North West Jaguars. HOLLA!
Los: Yo Sean u try'n to bizzounce this weekend.
Sean: Ya for sure, where u wanna go bro.
Los: Nowhere but the best hommie, G-Town baby!
by Sean John November 23, 2003

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