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If you have ever met someone from Georgetown you have met at minimum two people from Georgetown because they never separate. Every major university in the state of Texas has a large contingency of Eagle followers that will be more then happy to let you know how much more bad ass Georgetown is then wherever you are from or are currently located.

The only town in Texas that has no idea it is a suburb. Bitchs from Georgetown are basically the same exact bitchs who only date guys from Alamo Heights, Borene, Plano, or Westlake.

The film Varsity Blues was filmed and slightly based on Georgetown...if this factoid does not come up within the first 10 minutes of your conversation with someone from Georgetown then obviously your talking to an Eastview Patriot.

Southwestern University is located in Georgetown. Don't mention Southwestern to any locals though, the conservative town literally has no idea the tiny liberal arts college is even there.

The second most hated thing (after Southwestern) by Georgetownians is promoting local business and supporting the free market.

Thrid most hated thing by Eagles: Liberals.

Georgetown Texas is home to wealthy Caucasians and poor Mexicans who sell the Caucasian teenager drugs.

Pompous, Self- Centered, Ego maniacs, Rich, Good Looking, Christian people.
Eagle from Gtown1: We get down in gtown
Not from Gtown: Thats cool, I as well had a memorable high school experience and enjoyed my home town.
Eagle from Gtown2: I dont remember asking about you...So.. Back to how much better Georgetown, TX is then where you are from...

Have you ever seen Varsity Blues ? oh you haven't? your gay.

Austinite: Sure would be nice to move somewhere quite and slow paced like Georgetown
Austinite's 16 year old daughter: I love Georgetown I bought some coke there last weekend

Guy who just moved to Gtown: Hello City Council I would like to build a beautiful new hospital to serve the community and also have and industrial zoned commercial area where there will be places to eat, bars, and even an art gallery.
City Council: Look son, I already have lived here 4.5 months thereby I dont want anyone else to move here so we are shutting the gate on business and productivity. Why? again because I am already here.

Everyone Else: STFU
by thejayzofeagles May 06, 2012
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