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acryonym for GO TO FUCKING HELL.
dude 1: hey I just shot 2 people. ROFLMFAOLOLEAZZ!
dude 2: gtfh, shithead.
by LOL. November 20, 2005
An acronym for 'Go the fuck home.' Typically used when people act like or are douchebags or tools to you or others nearby. This comes in handy when said douchebag texts or facebook chats you or your friends.
Becky: shit eric just crashd r prty
Lisa: jus tell him to GTFH
by pseudopothead September 06, 2010
The term stands for "Go The Fuck Home". Made popular by Pam Selle's talk of the same name. The term is a firm reminder to workaholics and non-workaholics alike that more work does not translate to more things done. That work-life balance can improve one's productivity and self-fulfillment.
Sam: Argg, I am so tired. I have been working 60 hours every week on this project.
Tim: GTFH. Tackle this problem when you are refreshed.
by leohart March 30, 2012

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