GSOS is an acronym for the phrase "Get shit on shitty". You say GSOS to someone whom you have owned or beaten, usually in a video game.

Pronunciation for this word is "g-sauce".
While playing Teamfortress 2 a soldier rocket jumps towards the medic. The medic then pulls out his Übersaw and stabs the soldier right as he hits the ground dealing 61 damage and killing him. The medic then taunts and says "GSOS".
by Paul "dooman" McCoy August 29, 2011
Top Definition
Get shit on. First appeared on the WoW Dethecus realm forums.
GSO you fucking twatwaffle.
by Random Dethecite August 29, 2006
Abbreviation for Gang Shit Only. A common acronym used to describe gang shit.
Lamar: "I fucks wit Keef's new album"
Quan: "For real doh, he's on that next level shit bruh"
Lamar: "GSO"
by BradenWink January 14, 2016
Grab Stab Operations. "Grabbing" a girl (macking on her taking her home etc) out clubbing or partying. "stabbing" her (fucking her real good). "operations" a tactical way of going about this procedure. Originally created by two gentlemen by the names of Steve & Shea from Vancouver BC, Canada.
"i pulled some nice g.s.o's off when i went clubbing with the boys from east van."
by Dirty Minded August 16, 2007
Get Shit On!

used after doing something crazy to someone
Originated in State College Pennsylvania
after this kid got closelined
you just got GSO'ed on

Get Shit on!!!!!
by RBO February 25, 2008
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