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An acronym used by members to refer to the Gentlemen's Shuffleboard Club of Washington D.C. It is also used for the following unrelated groups and phrases:

Grin Slight Chuckle
Gaggle of Soused C#*ts
Goldman Sachs Group (ticker symbol)
"Are those the blokes from GSC drinking Foster's over there in the corner?"
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
7 6
An IM abbreviation that stands for "Grinning, and silently chuckling."

It is used since it is often a more realistic response than the abbreviation lol.
f/19Just2qt: So.. I think all men are pretty much constantly horny

SexyMan24551: gsc
by gibberling April 28, 2007
17 11
Abbreviation for "genuine slight chuckle" - an alternative to "lol" etc.
Person 1 makes a joke.
Person 2: gsc.
by azathoth August 12, 2006
7 4
An abbreviation of Girl Scout Cookies
"OMG I love G.S.C so much, especially thinmints."
by neecho18 March 03, 2014
1 0
refering to Greenville, South Carolina.
"Where you from girl?"
"I'm from that GSC niqqaaa!!"
by adrienenenene March 12, 2009
0 8