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An abbreviation of Girl Scout Cookies
"OMG I love G.S.C so much, especially thinmints."
by neecho18 March 03, 2014
An IM abbreviation that stands for "Grinning, and silently chuckling."

It is used since it is often a more realistic response than the abbreviation lol.
f/19Just2qt: So.. I think all men are pretty much constantly horny

SexyMan24551: gsc
by gibberling April 28, 2007
An acronym used by members to refer to the Gentlemen's Shuffleboard Club of Washington D.C. It is also used for the following unrelated groups and phrases:

Grin Slight Chuckle
Gaggle of Soused C#*ts
Goldman Sachs Group (ticker symbol)
"Are those the blokes from GSC drinking Foster's over there in the corner?"
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
Abbreviation for "genuine slight chuckle" - an alternative to "lol" etc.
Person 1 makes a joke.
Person 2: gsc.
by azathoth August 12, 2006
refering to Greenville, South Carolina.
"Where you from girl?"
"I'm from that GSC niqqaaa!!"
by adrienenenene March 12, 2009
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