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A 14 year old trendy little boy hailing from New Hampshire, America.

Shadow0fdeath is nfamous in the Black Metal scene for being the mastermind behind some of the worst music ever concieved and generally being a complete prick.

He downloads rare files from Soulseek purely because they are rare, and then scolds us grown ups on message boards for being "collectors"

Avoid like you would avoid aids.
shadow0fdeath is a cunt
by Azathoth April 09, 2005
"dookie-blaster"; otherwise known as a "fudge-packer" or "ass-pirate".

not to be confused with GreenDay.
"I was walking down the alley and noticed this dookie blaster hammering away at his gay lover."
by Azathoth September 29, 2004
Abbreviation for "genuine slight chuckle" - an alternative to "lol" etc.
Person 1 makes a joke.
Person 2: gsc.
by azathoth August 12, 2006
Pissed up cunt from Staffordshire, England. He seeks sexual gratification from a willing partner of ambivalent sexuality.

The name "odins_warrior" is derived from the latin "hornicus aryanipidese"
odins_warrior needs sex
by Azathoth April 09, 2005
Short for "spinning room syndrome", used to describe the horrible feeling that usually leads to violent vomitting when lying in bed after drinking a lot.
"I went to bed last night and it felt like the room was moving about around me"
"Yeah I hate SRS, nearly always makes me sick"
by azathoth August 12, 2006
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