A person who insists on being different but doesn't realize by doing this , its actualy making themselves more common.
Also speak in fake (poor) American accents.
You laugh at me because im different
I laugh at you cause your the same
by Liam September 08, 2003
The hippie of the 90's
If you listen to Nirvana or Skinyard you are a grunger
by FortunateSon92 April 12, 2015
When a person (usually male) becomes very grumpy when hungry aka The Grungers!
Ooh he's a bad mood wonder whats up...

Don't worry he's got the GRUNGERS, hasn't had breakfast, tut,tut
by Curlypineapple January 16, 2012
A person that likes grunge music and possible dressing like one to (black clothing and jeans) but from some weird reason
"chavs" are now hitting on anyone in black clothing or just if they like a little drum and bass? i been taking this for years and i have finaly grow bigger than the rest to stand up to them and now this is m final say to stop them getting hurt.. But i have unearthed some infomation about chavs so next time someone calls u a Gruger call them a ignorant person because that is what it means back 1000's of years ago when romans took britain they called some celts chavs because they was scruffy ignorant people his helps! so now my friends use this to combat the chavs even if you just like a bit of drum and bass
(Normal English might help)

Chav: Hey Grungers!
Grungers: shut up you ignorant person
Chav: :o !!! =
by Billza February 14, 2008
grungers are teenagers who listens to grunge music such as nirvana, pearl jam and soundgarden.grunger is friendly to people. townie is a grunger enemie.grunger dont like to fight but they will when they felt pissed off.grunger do whatever they want to .some grunger skates but some not.they dont care if people angry at them.grungers have no fear at all.
idiot: hey you stupid
grunger ignore them
idiot:hey! im talking to you
grunger:me? what?
idiot: you sit on my chair
grunger:yea? owh.. watever
the idiot push the grunger..
the grunger smack on the idiot face and go away with no fear.
by grunger 4 life August 12, 2007
grungers n moshas are pretty much the same thing i am a mix between the both. i hav long hair n like all kinds of rock music except shitty nu metal which is as bad as pop. there natural enemies are chavs (low life people who hav no qualifications who end up living of decent hard working people) grungers will not normaly start a fight but will always finish 1 if started on, they normally mwear jeans n t-shirts or hoodies n skate shoes they are normally happy with there lives until chavs get involved
chav: hey dick head get ure hair cut
grunger: no grow a dick
chav: (to stupid to think of a comebak runs of n gets his "mates")
by god himself 2 September 27, 2005
Grungers are rock listeners who have never listened to urban music in their life and laugh themselves silly at anything slightly chavish. Usually dress in black but not necessarily.
He's a proper grunger. U get me?
by Delvin April 28, 2005
Hate to burst your bubble people, but Grunge kinda died in'94 with Kurt Cobain. And it hurts to say that but its the truth. I hate defining people, but have a message for all the Chavs of the world. "WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" And in the kind words of the Murderdolls I quote : "good bye, so long, get lost, FUCK OFF." I think that Grunge is kick ass and that its great for people to still like it and everything. ok this is a kinda shit definition. someone please delete it for me... can tbe bothered.
Chav: hey look its an individual!! Lets beat them up!!
Grunger: wdf did i do?
Chav: I dunno, i avent got half a brain innit man!!
Grunger: yeah ok... *backs off*
Chav: your just scared!
Grunger: yes... yes i am....

^thought that was funny....^
by Marissa. February 27, 2005
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