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A greasy haired skank to whom a shower is a total myth. They sit around in large groups, wearing black and attracting various species of fly. They listen to "heavy music".Unless they skate, the most physical activity they take part in is running from Chavs, to who the grungers cannot put up a fight against, since they have the muscle of a 6 year old between a large group of them. Their most effecive form of atck if to bleed from the nose or mouth. Their best form of defence is to "hit the dirt" and cover their face with their arms and hands and hope the Chavs get bored of kicking them.
Chavs are branded the sum of society, but Grungers are the filth and the dirt. They don't wash, and wear thick clothes all several sizes too big,even in sunny weather, causing them to stink even more.
And grungers who say Bam is a sellout are just jealous, because he is cool, and all they will ever be are greasey haired little dirtbags.
Look at those dirty skagrats over there in the park, we had better go this way to advoid catching some kid of illness.

Chavs-"Oi look lads, skanky grungers, lets kick their f*cking heads in"
Grungers-"Oh shit, here come the chavs, we had better run away like pathetic greasey haired wimps before they kick the shit out of us"
by Zeberdee August 06, 2005

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