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A new genre of music that is the next step in the neo-grunge movement. Imagine Nirvana or Alice In Chains played twice or three times as fast. Then throw in a double kick bassdrum, an unnecessary amount of guitar distortion and pile-driving bass and you get.....grungecore
Guy1: "Dude that new band is absolutely nuts!"

Guy2: "Really? Never heard of em. What kind of music are they?"

Guy1: "Grungecore."

Guy2: "Then it has to be good!"
by Somyongai February 27, 2006
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A new genre of Hardcore combined with Grunge. The genre includes all aspects of Grunge such as angst and fear combined with loud and heavy distortion. The distortion and drums are usually more heavier than usual Grunge and Hardcore bands.

Notable bands: Hopesfall, My Ticket Home, Life Of Agony, Metz, Seaweed, Rollins Band.
Origins: Mostly started with Hopesfall on their 3rd and 4th album.
Hey what genre is this? It sounds like a mixture between Hardcore and Grunge. Ahhh good idea let's call this Grungecore.
by CHickman2195 July 21, 2016
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A genre of music that combine aspects of Hardcore and Grunge.

Notable bands: Hopesfall, Life of Agony, Quicksand, Rollins Band, My Ticket Home, Superheaven, Seaweed.
Dude 1. Hey what genre is this?
Dude 2. Who cares.

Dude 1. It sounds like Hardcore mixed with some Grunge. Ah let's call this Grungecore.
Dude 2. I have an idea why can;t you just enjoy the fucking music for what it is. Not everything needs labels.

Dude 1. :P
by CHickman2195 July 21, 2016
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