the flat yet hairy surface between the scrotem and the anus--sometimes i become stinky from a physical activity.
moy grundle is so hairy that there are roaches living there
by grundle October 03, 2003
The gap between the males anal opening and Penis.
I have a rash on my Grundle.
by Jill May 02, 2003
The sweat under your balls, between your legs, and in your ass crack.
All this running is giving me some bad grundle.
by U23Dwas_awesome April 17, 2008
A noun used to define the sticky build up found underneath the scrotum. Build up increases when the persons doesn't shower or has had hot sweaty day.
Person 1: Yo J-Kwon, take a wiff of this.
Person 2: Damn! What the hell is that on your fingers.
Person 1: I haven't showered in days, and that's some of my wicked bad grundle build up from my fat ball sack.
by Flo$$y B May 31, 2005
the art of pulling down your pants and smashing your testicles and anus down on the head of a passed out human repeatedly.
Luke puked in the frying pan before passing out, so Nate gave him a grundle
by weiser May 02, 2005
Its your Nacho Area. No cheese...
It's na-cho balls an' na-cho ass!!
by Sweety McSys April 13, 2005
The large mass below one's dogan. Also see tundle bundle hundle.
My grundle was smacked with a baseball bat.
by Ryan July 08, 2004

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