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A sexually interested river dolphin; that through which the theory of relativity has been proven to of been in existence throughout the 19th century, in rare areas of the island of St. Lucia. An interest in the grumplepuss was sparked in the 80's after a hit song "Grumpuss 'n da Basement" by Nelly. It was released on his album Country Grammer.
"Arkantose disregarded the grumplepuss's lust and kept on swimming!"
by William Hart February 26, 2008
1. Just what it sounds like.

2. The American word for El Chupacabra.

The most probable cause for when a person is late or missing, is being eaten by a grumplepuss.
"Toodee isn't here yet. I hope she wasn't eaten by a Grumplepuss."
by m.e.atkinson April 04, 2009
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