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A kickass Australian fellow.
"Do you get any sci-fi channels down there in Australialand, grug?"
by Alhazad December 08, 2003
11 14
A failed attempt in a particularly spectacular fashion, specifically pertaining to sports or video games.
"Did you see that Grug? It missed his bat completely"

"Oh dude, you Grugged that level. Perhaps Tetris is more your style."
by GrolschMan February 02, 2010
35 7
Someone who urgently requires a haircut.

Grug was a childrens book character crated by Ted Prior in a series of books popular in Australia throughout the late 80s and early 90s.

Grug has thus become a popular nickname Australian people in particular, including but not limited to those with the name Greg.

True grugs, however, resemble the book character in that their face or body is covered completely by hair.

Thus one who is in dire need of a haircut is a Grug. (or Cousin Itt.)
"Get a haircut, Ringo, you look like Grug."
by juan schwartz June 16, 2004
39 20
Mayne you pickin up dem grugs?
by ekekek February 12, 2011
4 1
a grope hug
OMG he totally just grugged me!
by ohhiimcool December 13, 2012
0 1
Tight Ganstas who roll high and and pimp the hoes

ex. "Jordan and Austin are such Grugs"
by Austin Larkin May 25, 2006
4 10
A person who ChuFFs & plays CS
by anonymous March 20, 2003
2 10