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When 8 'r's just doesn't cover it.
Naturally accompanied by shifty, evil eyes. Or when arguing with the dog over the last beef jerky.
Psycho: I shall rule the world
Jesus: I shall stop you!
Psycho: grrrrrrrrr (squints eyes and stares, dramatic music plays in background)

Dog: Woof Woof
Cat: grrrrrrrrr
(Dog scatters)
by Kid Nock January 12, 2006
Used to describe a person who is too beautiful, words can not describe his/her beautifulness.
Sometimes can be mistaken for an angry grrrrrr.
"He is just to Grrrrrrrrr"

"I wonder who is Grrrrrrrrr-ier, Harry or Zayn?"
by hahstrujrstj December 29, 2011
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