Rims 18 inches or larger. Now recently 21 inches or larger
I sold my 15 inch rims and now I'm riding on grown men.
#large rims #big rims #fairis wheels #dubs #dueces
by jibril sulaiman September 28, 2006
Top Definition
A set of rims with a diameter of 18" or greater.
NOTE: Grown men originated from the fact that "grown men by age is 18 years old or older."
#deepdishes #dubs #twanks #jordans #choppers
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 16, 2007
A male adult.
"I'm not a child anymore. I'm a grown man."
#man #adult #grown #mature #old
by abulah cadulah. yeah. September 08, 2008
an adult male who eats his vegetables
Be a grown man and eat your damn vegetables!
#vegetables #grown #man #healthy #grown man
by concernedgirlfriend March 25, 2011
Actually it's a set of rims with a diameter of 24" or greater.
Me an' my padnah's roll on them grown meyahn...you know them twentay'fawhs.
by bangbangletchyanutshang September 19, 2003
Noun. A set of rims with a diameter of 20 inches or greater
alt: Grown Ass Men
"I got my rice-burner sitting on Grown Men"
"That navi looks tight on those Grown Ass Men"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 25, 2003
verb: to dress formally. Originating from the Bay Area.
"You ain't gettin' into the club with a white tee or a jersy, you got to get yer grown man on. Kangols, button ups, a cuff and a crease an' that shit."
#syn: dressed up #formal #pimpin #antonyms: scrubbed out #broke
by Frisco Will May 21, 2006
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