To be a grout you must carry off the visual appearence of pastel white skin, severe case of acne resulting in the impression that he has been drinking blood, hong kong eyes, gay faggot hair, blood shot eyes,lowriding pants, random neck jolts at innapropriate times, 10 second response to jokes, eats nut whilst tilting his head back in an unapropriate manner, uses unneccessary loads of emoticons on msn and even myspace where they dont even work, use odd symbols when typing such as ~~~, assume that everybody enjoys his company when in reality they dont, have a girlfriend who is equally ugly and stupid, speaking of being stupid, to be a grout you must also rarely understand current slang, jokes being told and criticise other peoples stories when actually he has no stories of real interest himself, uncoordinated in physical jolts and movement especially in the sporting arena. a grout also has the strange ability to raise one eyebrow at also innapropriate times causing his appearence to appear even uglier and stupid than what it already is. a grout also uses regular "gangster" language in conversations expecially online or in text messages where in fact he is actually the last person on this earth to appear of black descent.

The main and outlining feature of a grout however is the inability to create fads, group sayings and overall fails to bring anything of real use to the group, he struggles to be funny, cool, entertaining (except when laughing at his faults) and in a nutcase fails to be accepted in the "kennedy crew" at all.
Example 1:
Cramb: This guy went to a zoo, there was only 1 dog in it, it was a shit-zoo
Entire K crew minus grout: RAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA
*10 seconds later*
Grout: Ha *neck movement whilst raising eyebrow*

Example 2:
Mr Hindle: hey kennedy crew wat do u guys bring to the group?
Beau: toilet jokes
Cramb: sarcastic jokes
Matt: odd laugh
Jardi: hypothetical situations + attitude
Taunton: little womanlike features
Sads: bursts of screaming
Michael: poor devo quotes
Grout: nothing

Example 3:
Passer By: Hey look at that retard who talks black, hinges his neck awkwardly, raises his eyebrow, brings nothingto the group, butt ugly
Other Passer by: oh my god has he been drinkng blood
Passer By: oh wait its just grout
by Evana Humpalot September 23, 2006
Top Definition
A word written all over the walls in the men's restrooms at the University of California at Santa Cruz library. The vandalism does not originate from one person, but from several who are eager to leave their mark in this subculture of collegiate society. The actual definition of the term is insignificant, for over the years its main purpose has been to connect the spirits of college males who are eager for humorous relief amidst long study sessions in the library.

It is tradition to create phrases with the word "grout" incorporated into them such as "The Groutain of Youth," "Grout Expectations," and "Grout of Site." The comments are often written in-between the wall tiles so as not to be erased by the custodial staff.
"Grout" is on its way to becoming a cultural phenomenon.
by Michael J. M. March 12, 2005
Defined on here as an amusing bathroom-graffiti phenomenon. This same exact phenomenon was prominent in two high-traffic public mens' restrooms at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in the mid-1990's. It included also "The Grout Beyond", "Grout-o Marks", "The Grout Space Coaster," etc.

I'm not sure where it originated... I post it here because it's a second place in a different time, and it would be interesting to try to trace its origin.
The Grout Beyond; Grouto Marx; The Grout Space Coaster; Three Strikes-- you're grout; etc.
by mig May 19, 2005
slang for a cigarette
i'm roasting for a grout
by jme January 11, 2005
verb - to tinker with one's sphincter, but only with one finger.
Jane's tongue lapped at Dave's gooch while she tentative tested the brown waters by slowly grouting his coight.
by dero-licked December 16, 2004
Alt. name for a fart. An extremely accurate onomatopoeia for a very short ripping stuccatto type fart. So accurate it follows the word exactly. GR - The rasping start, OU - the classic change in tone. T - the abrupt end as the sphincter slams shut. GR OU T
Did you hear that? Someone grouted during prayers.
by Brucester September 10, 2006
(Adj, Noun, Verb) The Word of the Month. You can literally replace any word with grout and it will work!
I shit so much today I grouted my pants.
I'm getting grouty! woo
You're a grout

by McFlooze April 28, 2011
A word written all over the walls in the men's restrooms at the Foothill community college-apparently this has spread to a number of other colleges in california. Allthough it's uncertain exactly what it means at this point, it is surely an effective medium of communication among stupid and fun loving college men.
What are you talking agrout?
Tony the tiger is grrrrrrrrout!
by grout May 09, 2011
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