Terrible Customer Service. You need help? Forgetaboutit.
How was the DMV? I got Grouponed.
by livingsoc August 16, 2012
Top Definition
when a bunch of guys happen to have a boner at the same time.
hooker: "it's still full-priced fellas, i don't give a groupon discount."
by dungeons_and_dildos March 03, 2011
When a group of intoxicated women are dancing provocatively upon their single gay guy friend.
Who do those skanks think they're fooling? It's a total groupon!
by E Dub the Great November 28, 2010
When a bunch of men hanging out together simultaneously get a hardon. It can occur, for example, when a hot chick passes by them, or if they are watching porn together.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl was hot. I couldn't help getting a hardon from her.

Guy 2: Me too.

Guy 3: Me three. Looks like we're have a groupon.
by MetroidSocrates July 08, 2011
The guy or girl in the band that fu*ks all the groupies, he/she's been with so many groupies he/she's worth a discounted rate, coupon style.
Girl, don't mess with him, he's not gonna be serious, he's a groupon.

Dude, be careful with her, she's a groupon, make sure you wrap that up.
by sweetnola March 27, 2015
n)a coupon that causes anxiety through huge discounts...then rapes your sould of its peace and good will toward men, women, and children. N) highly addictive substance that sucks money from your bank account and forces you to purchase things you didnt know you needed. v) to be fucked in an unusually harsh way v) a wallet raping
"you just got grouponed, Bitch!"
by quizkid April 11, 2012
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