The act of blowing kush smoke into a crowd of women on a smoking patio of a bar and watching for the one who pops her head up to see where the smoke came from. When one does you say under your breath, "gotcha bitch." Then offer her a toke. Your odds of trashbagging her that night are much higher than any other woman there. Trust me.
Friend 1: what did you do last night?"
Friend 2: I was in hollywood, groundhoggin all night. I trashbagged this mexican chic from downey.
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 25, 2009
Top Definition
When you have to take a dump so bad you can feel the turd start to peep out of your ass. Derived from the ground hog peeping out of the ground to see his shadow.
Dude you better pull over at the next gas station im ground hoggin!!!!
by Bogga Red April 05, 2007
When you gotta take a shit so bad, you cant squeeze your ass cheeks together or make it "go back up".
Dude, I gotta shit so bad, it's groundhoggin!!
by Airica November 12, 2005
Taking too long, or not showing up, kinda like " catting "
Man why you groundhoggin
by lil jon d April 14, 2011
When two people put their assholes together and one person shits into the other persons ass. Also known as the Subway Train.
Those two gay dudes sure like Ground Hoggin.
by SlayerMeltdown August 17, 2013
when u fingerbang a girl in the ass
dude, i was groundhoggin last nite
by nick January 05, 2004
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