The epicenter of a disaster or explosion.

Currently, the term is most commonly used in reference to the location of the World Trade Center after the September 11th attacks.
It took much less time than expected to clear the debris from ground zero.
by Meggo May 18, 2004
Top Definition
"The point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs" (Merriam-Webster). Recently thanks to a load of rhetoric from our idiot newscasters, the meaning has been horribly trivialized.

Hiroshima (80,000 deaths from the explosion + additional 60,000 deaths from radiation poisoning) is a "ground zero". Nagasaki (120,000 deaths total) is a "ground zero". The World Trade Center (2749 deaths) is NOT a "ground zero". So stop calling it that.
IDIOT: My uncle visited ground zero.
SMART GUY: Really? Your uncle went to Japan?
IDIOT: wtf is a Japan?
by Brendie December 12, 2006
A state of being wherein you feel as if you cannot sink any lower emotionally, psychologically, or physically.

Hitting rock bottom.

The absolute lowest possible point or level. The place a person in denial must reach before he finally is ready to admit that he has a problem and reaches out for help

....but hey, when you cant get any lower, the only way to go is up.
She was emotionally at Ground Zero. Britney hits Ground Zero, just days after she lost physical custody of her two boys.
by Aimee Sheep November 21, 2007
Lots of people dont know it, but ground zero is also a music festival of harder styles of music. Hardcore music, Terror, Hardstyle, its all to be heard there. its a festival in the Bussloo area in the Netherlands and its being held once every year.
1. Which festival are you going to visit next year, Defqon 1, or Ground zero? or Both?

2. I think I will visit Ground zero because its at night, and Defqon 1 is too soft for me.
by ReddiebombasticFTWirockudont February 01, 2011
Extremely untidy teenager's bedroom
Man, it's ground zero in here. Where's my other sock?
by Goldkill February 19, 2004
The close proximity around a person who has just expelled exceedingly unpleasant gases from their anal passage. Also the site of splashdown while offloading previous meals into the toilet.
"I'd give it five minutes mate, it's Ground Zero in there."

"Oh god, sorry mate, it's Ground Zero in my pants" (wafts in colleagues' face)
by RhythmJunky November 24, 2008
the site where the twin towers used to stand in new york.
"i am going to pay my respects at ground zero"
by magic stars May 17, 2004
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