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an unidentified growth in an armpit
Skylar was scared to go to the health center because she feared her groob might be MRSA.
by drshoemaker August 22, 2011
Grandmother's boobs. We have all seen them, they hang down by the belly button region.
Gary's girlfreind has groobs. And shes only 16
by jeffaa November 19, 2007
A hybridization of the words Gravity and Boobs. What happens to a woman's chest as she reaches middle age and/or has children. Used to describe a woman with a large saggy rack.
My wife was hot when she was younger, but 20 years and three kids on gave her groobs.
by photonerd February 07, 2008
The act of 'accidentally' touching a ladies breast, usually done during a trip on a busy underground/metro/subway train in rush hour.
On the tube last night I groobed two women!

This train is pretty packed, I might be able to groob that chick.
by McAvennie August 24, 2007
Similar to hangy tits, groobs refer to breasts that hang down unnaturally low to one's torso or beyond. Formed by combining the words GRANNY and BOOBS to form GROOBS. Most commonly found among the elder female population, yet not excluded from the more disproportionate youth of today.
Daaaaaaaamn, Barbara's groobs hang so low they look like she got them on a direct mail order from an old folks home.
by wdfa5150 December 04, 2007
it can mean anything
a noun or verb or part of a word

what travis says
my groobs itch

thats groob-tastic

lets go groobing today
by T-man October 27, 2004
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